Wandering in Washington State



Shooting weddings allowed me to travel to so many interesting places.

When I first designed my wedding business logo, I used the tagline “Destinations. Weddings. Life.” to advertise that not only did I photograph weddings and also destination weddings, but I wanted to point out that with the “Destinations.” at the beginning. I have always considered myself a travel photographer that just happen to shoot weddings as well

One of the weddings that I had the fortune of photographing was Abby and David’s Wedding in Seattle, Washington.

My associate Wes Lester and I not only had a once in a lifetime experience at the wedding itself but also in having the time to travel around Washington State. Our visit to various cool sites and great locations are still memorable.

With a climate referred to as temperate marine or oceanic, Seattle also known as the Emerald City certainly has good weather for shooting images. Being home to various tech startups, it is a very rich business hub. With great festivals like the Seattle International Film Festival, many Seafair events, and the art and music festivals, it is always a fun place to visit.

The Seattle art museum, Olympic Sculpture Park, the Frye Art Museum, the Nordic Heritage Museum, the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture are all good museums. Seattle also has various parks which are favorable due to its temperate marine climate; some of them include the Green Lake, Discovery Park, Gas Works Park which has a huge coal gasification plant. There are also notable skiing and hiking in nearby Olympic Mountains.

If there are places I would love to visit over and over again or even recommend for somebody, Seattle is definitely one of such places.

Here are a few of my favorite images!