Jersey Boys

I will never forget how I felt when I heard the report of Hurricane Sandy’s effect on Seaside Heights. I could never have imagined how a storm could destroy such a beautiful place. According to reports the economic loss the Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey was up to $30 billion. For those who haven’t been to Seaside Heights, it is such a great town in New Jersey, and a real slice of Americana. It attracts a lot of tourists yearly, and it draws huge crowds in the summer.

Lucky enough I was able to visit the Jersey Shore right before the Hurricane Sandy hit. Through my lens, I was able to capture some of the fascinating views before they were affected by this devastating hurricane. It is usually cold that weekend which made the local surfers wear a wetsuit. The cool sea breeze makes the atmosphere very serene.
In the summertime, the boardwalk is one of the places with the highest number of activity at the shoreline in the Northeast U.S. The wall-to-wall arcades, informal dining, lively entertainment in the evenings, a water park, two amusement piers and many other things that make it fun for everyone.

Thank God the boardwalk wasn’t totally destroyed like it was destroyed in 1955 by fire though a substantial part of it was damaged by Sandy.
Enjoy a views of this fascinating destination, and please check back as I’ll continue to add more photos soon!