El  Hauyco is just steps from our house (CASA PUNTA NEGRA) in Playa Santa Rosa, Peru between Punta Negra and San Bartolo.

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It is one of the best and well-known surfing spots in Peru.

Come to Peru and experience it for yourself! Here is more information about CASA PUNTA NEGRA:

About Us

We always had the dream of having a place where you could get away from the everyday routine and busy life. A place where you could be comfortable abroad, but still feel at home.  We started building this place in 2008, and thank to the collaboration of many people we are almost done. Thank you Vilma Diaz without you this project would not be possible; Ron B. Wilson , thank you for bringing your amazing photographs and video, and also a big part of this project; Juan, Yuli, Jorge Lara, Heidy Lara, Mauricio de las Casas, for all your support.

The Peruvian district of Punta Negra is one of the 43 districts of the Province of Lima. It borders the district of Punta Hermosa to the north, the Province of Huarochirí to the east, the district of San Bartolo to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The district was created on April 7, 1954 according to the Law Nº 12096. It has an extension of 130.5 km² and an estimated population of 4,000 inhabitants. Among the main Peruvian social Clubs that have their headquarters in this district, the most outstanding are the Country Club El Bosque (which has here its beach site) and the Club Social y Deportes Punta Negra.