Homecoming; When Josh met Lilly.

Every now and again I get hired to photograph situations that are awesome and unique. Lila called one afternoon and explaining that her husband Josh was returning from a deployment, and would be meeting their daughter Lilly for the first time. AND.. she wanted me to photograph it! Wow, that was an assignment right up my alley and I couldn’t wait to get to work!

Josh was on the USS Hue City, they were deployed for 6 months. They left for the Persian Gulf in January and came back in July. Lila was anxious, as Josh was sent on his first deployment 12 days before their little girl Lilly was born. Only the online emails and the 3 am phone calls kept Lila and Lilly connected to Josh.

The day was simply perfect and the first meeting of a father and daughter was a real thrill for me!