Faces and Places of Jamaica



As an experienced photographer who has visited many parts of the world, there are some countries I have visited and I will have its memory lingering forever. Jamaica; one of the Caribbean islands, is one of such place. Armed with my camera, I was able to capture several of the captivating wonders of Jamaica.

There are several mineral springs in Jamaica; some are developed and equipped with bathing facilities. As the 3rd largest Caribbean island it is blessed with several hills and mountains.

I met many cliff divers especially near Rick’s Cafe in Negril who showed me some of their diving skills as they jumped off some of the cliffs. I always saw a reason to shoot images until the minute I left Jamaica.

In my journey through its various towns, I came across a lot of the locals, both young and old. The vibrant nature of Jamaicans makes them so interesting I couldn’t help taking their photographs. One fascinating old man caught my attention. He was a sculptor, who gladly showed me some of his works. He was able to carve out things from both stones and woods. He was very happy and nice when I asked to take a photo of him.

Negril with its white sand beach, Falmouth with its Zip-lining waterfalls, Runaway Bay with its beaches, golf, fishing and horseback riding, and Kingston the capital where the blue mountains and Bob Marley’s Museum are.
I visited lots of the beaches around the island. One of the young friends I made who agreed to show me around decided to show off his diving skills.

I was mesmerized by the unique traditions on the island, though; somehow the same, each city or area had its own unique traditions. The music is one of the unique features in the Jamaica culture. Their cuisines are top notch and delicious.

These and many scenes I have successfully captured to give you a view of Jamaica right from the comfort of your homes. Visit Jamaica today and experience this first hand.