Cuba Calling


Seems like I’ve been on hold for years and the call is finally being connected.

I am not sure where my fascination with the island nation came from, or how long I’ve resisted the persistent urge to be there, but the only way for me the find out is to proceed. Maybe it’s the fact that I was born in Florida in the 60’s and went to college in South Florida; and that my own story is somehow tied to Cuba’s.

I’d love to say that the reason I choose now to go is that I want to experience life in Havana before I am able to order a Big Mac for lunch, but honestly the timing just seems right. Simply, I think it’s the perfect place to be when I release this blog to the world.

My only plans are to meet with a friend’s father who is a history professor and director at The Numismatic Museum (Museo Numismático) in Old Havana, walk the streets with my new Fujifilm X series cameras, and to just be present in the moments I have there. I imagine I will just plan to expect the unexpected, and immerse myself in the capital with lots Cuban coffee, fresh plantains, the smell of tobacco and maybe even try the Cha-Cha-Cha; before it get’s it’s facelift once the half century embargo is fully lifted and the curtains are officially opened. After that, I guess we will see.

Well here I go, Cuba is calling.




***(Please check back here for an updated post and images from my adventure).