Cuzco Peru: One of the most interesting cities in the world

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One of my many visits to Peru led me to the great Peruvian city popularly referred to as America’s archaeological capital with its excellent blend of Incan and colonial architecture; Cuzco. With very inspirational views I couldn’t stop taking photos trying to capture the beauty and soul of every architectural masterpiece in this city.

The interesting features of Cuzco makes it tough for visitors when it’s time to leave, which definitely happened to me. Many buildings date back to the Incan empire, from the 15th century. Some of its significant architectural structures are the Temple of the Sun, Santo Domingo Church (the Cathedral near central Plaza de Armas), as well as the hilltop fortress of Sacsayhuamán.

Cuzco’s biggest festival is the Inti Raymi in late June, during which they celebrate the strength of the sun and the winter solstice. Some of its notable museums include the Museo Historico Regional, Papa Museo (Potato Museum), Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo del Sitio del Qoricancha, Museo del Centro de Textiles Tradicionales de Cusco and others. The statute of King Pachacuteq, the Inca warrior crowns this amazing city, and at Sacsayhuaman there is the white Jesus statue among the ruins, making Cuzco a great place to visit.

It is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountains, it is the capital of the Cusco Region, and it is the nearest big city to Machu Picchu (which I will be posting about soon). In a place so full of traditions as Cuzco, a wonderful way to discover something more about its culture is by trying its food! Some of its nightclubs like Caos, Garabato, and the Temple are great places to visit for good music. No need to worry about the accommodations here, because Cuzco has great and fantastic hotels like the Hoteles Garcilaso, Hotel El Balcon, JW Marriott, Hostal Frankenstein, and The Ninos (where I had an incredible stay during my time) where proceeds go to local school kids whose classrooms are adjacent to the hotel.

I took my time to capture some of the architectural buildings and locals on the streets. The inhabitants both young and old are great lovers of animals, and I met a lot of llamas in Cuzco!

Hatun Rumiyuq street is the most visited, and you will find a right blend of people from different cultural backgrounds strolling there. The unique architectural edifice in Cuzco inspires any history lover, and it will be great to have a firsthand experience of the city with structures many centuries old.

Hope you enjoy my photos from Cuzco, as it totally exceeded my expectations. The sites, sounds, and smells are all astounding; something that must be experienced in person.