Marudha Malai Temple in India


I am thrilled that I have had many personal experiences traveling to reflect on and to pull from, while I am taking a World Religion course for the new degree I am pursuing.

On a recent trip to Coimbatore India while there shooting Nandha and Vrushali’s Wedding, I was able to take a day trip to Marudha Malai Temple. Fifteen kilometers west of Coimbatore, on the Western Ghats, situated in a lush, green milieu is the temple of Marudhamalai. Said to belong to the 12th Century, the temple is surrounded by the hilly range on three sides. Marudhamalai abounds in medicinal herbs and the pure air and serene atmosphere should make it a haven for the health-conscious. The hill is dotted with small mandapams for the devotees to relax on their way uphill. At the foothills, where the steps to the temple begin, is the Thaan Thondri Vinayakar Temple. The 18th step above the Vinayakar Temple is another significant spot because those, who are unable to make it to Sabarimala find praying here most gratifying.I just felt so inspired and completed fulfilled spending the day at the temple and witnessing the pure joy on the people’s faces.

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