On Assignment in Guatemala


These are a few of my favorite images from my adventure shooting for Photographers Without Borders in Guatemala.

I traveled to Guatemala City, Comalapa, and Antiqua.

Here is an article from the Photographers Without Borders blog:


Below is the beginning from a post I wrote about my trip:

Being selected for my first project with Photographers Without Borders and traveling to Guatemala to document the grassroots organization Long Way Home, was an incredible experience. After working as a professional photographer for the past 20 years shooting mostly weddings and portraits, this was finally an opportunity to quench my thirst for travel and photojournalism, which is why I originally got into photography in the first place. As a student at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale I was selected for an internship with The Miami Herald, which was an invaluable experience and helped mold my talents as a storyteller. After graduating from school and freelancing for a few years I relocated to New York City and started working as a wedding photographer, way before that was a “cool” thing like it is today. After many happy years capturing the most important day in a person’s life, I became complacent and unmotivated in what and how I was shooting. I made a decision last year that I would find a nonprofit organization to partner with which would allow me to travel and document cultures in other parts of the world. After a brief search online: enter Photographers Without Borders. Once I read their mission statement and a viewed a few past projects from other photographers, I knew it was a perfect match and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for!