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September 11th 2001 firefighters first responders

Dear friends, I’m keen to share with you some important news about my newest project. My long-time friend and filmmaker Deborah Stile, and I have started production on a documentary about September 11th, 2001. I lived within walking distance of The World Trade Center. After receiving a call from my photojournalist friend Lilly Echeverria saying there had been a plane crash in lower Manhattan, I grabbed my camera gear and all available film, and I ran towards the burning buildings with the first responders. I witnessed firsthand all the incredible work these true American heroes did that day, sacrificing everything to help their fellow New Yorkers. It was the most consequential day of my life and career as a photographer. 

In preparation for some upcoming exhibitions and speaking engagements about my images from that day, I’m finally realizing my nearly twenty-year dream to make a film about this event. Our focus is to find the people in my photographs or their families to interview them about their lives and experiences before, during, and after that fateful day. Deborah and I believe this is the most important story of our time, and we are eager to see how it all unfolds.

We need your help! For the next several months, I will be posting a few images a week on my Instagram feed from 9-11, looking to identify any individuals connected to the people in my photos. If you could share my Instagram handle @ronbwilson to anyone you know that lived in The New York City area during that time, NY or NJ firefighters, police or paramedics that were there that day, I would greatly appreciate it. We need to cast a very wide net, so please spread the word to check in frequently for new posts. If anyone recognizes someone in my pictures, please have them message me on Instagram or via email at info@ronbwilson.com 

Here is the direct link to my instagram:

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support on all of my creative projects and in advance for helping me tell this momentous story.


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After spending the past 15 years founding and working with some of the best and busiest wedding photography studios in the U.S. and photographing over 500 weddings around the globe, Ron B. Wilson has reconnected with his true passions: travel, men’s street style, and fine-art photography. So starting “Art, Style, Flow”, a travel inspiration blog and online magazine featuring his photography, was a natural process and has been a work in progress for the past 20 years.

New York City and Miami Photographer Ron B. Wilson specializes in an award winning fashion based documentary style of photography. Ron was recently featured in Professional Photographer Magazine with an article about the {revisited} sessions that he created, and over the past few years he has been honored with many awards at the WPPI and PPA’s Imaging USA Conferences.

Ron’s primary goal is to tell stories with images and to bring out the very best in every detail of each subject he photographs. He is available for fashion, advertising, travel and editorial assignments.

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