Sun, Surf, and Seafood in Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis Brazil travel surfing

It’s bizarre how random things in life happen when you let them, I don’t believe anything is a coincidence. I can’t remember the exact moment I decided to go to Thailand. Somehow, I was there and even won an all-expense-paid trip to Brazil (from Mike Larosa) when I was at the Nomad Summit in Chaing Mai (which is a whole other story)

I visited the beautiful island of Florianópolis, which is the capital of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The city’s climate is gorgeous, with some of the record high temperatures being over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the population of Florianópolis live in the central and northern parts of the island. At the same time, the southern area is much less dense in population. Adored by Brazilians, it has earned the endearment of being one of the best places to live in Brazil. The New York Times reported that “Florianopolis is the Party Destination of the Year in 2009.” And Newsweek placed Florianópolis in the “Ten most dynamic cities of the world” list. It is an attractive spot for tourists who are drawn in by the sunny climate and the beautiful beaches. I ended up there myself to find out if the title was true to its name, and overall, I say it absolutely is.

My trip included a stay at Rosemary Dream. Surrounded by the jungle, Rosemary is a year-round hub for empowerment programs, workshops, and events for anyone who wants to inspire and be inspired. Located in Barra da Lagoa, a traditional fishermen’s village, this place offers a range of facilities that include a meditation/yoga deck and a botanical garden overlooking a lake. From its backyard, you can step straight into wild nature, and a short turn to the right is a two-minute walk to the beach. Rosemary Dream empowers individuals by giving them the tools they need to live their optimal way of life. It was definitely a dream.

The center was unbelievably relaxing and perfect for any traveler interested in participating in self-improvements, such as yoga and vegan meals. The staff went above and beyond to ensure my comfort, leaving me a thoughtful letter, which was a pleasant touch on the already enjoyable experience. As part of the hospitality, I received a freshly made, comfortable bed with mosquito netting in case I slept with the window open at night. 

The scenery in Florianópolis was very colorful and upbeat, matching its sunny tone perfectly. There were many public displays of art and crafts, which were symbolistic to societal issues and combating them or celebrating pride in their country. 

Where an ocean is, surfers flock. I saw a massive amount of surfers in Florianópolis, as expected with the gorgeous beaches. Some of them were very good at what they do, presumably locals from the area. They rode the waves like they had been doing it all their lives! The medium-sized waves were perfect for surfing, and so was the hot and sunny climate.

The view of the city is just as lovely as actually being inside of it. All of the houses are very colorful and bright. The nature itself is gorgeous as well. There is a green mountain slope, looming up majestically over the city. Florianópolis truly has it all. It has anything for anyone’s taste. Whether you crave an experience filled with nature or you feel attracted to colorful city life, Florianópolis has both of those elements in one beautiful location.

The food was also amazing. I helped myself to a mass amount of fresh seafood. I ate with chopsticks alongside my morning coffee with a beautiful view from the lovely balcony I looked off of every morning at Rosemary Dream. The views were unreal, looking over either beautiful water or beautiful beaches. I will remember them forever. The air was fresh with the scent of a beach breeze. 

There was also live fish swimming in the ocean, which is why the island’s predominant population are fishermen. I saw a boy holding a fish, looking down at it with an expression I could only describe as wonder. The locals and tourists understood the wildlife that lives beside them in their nature and beaches. Overall, I enjoyed my trip to Florianópolis, an extraordinary amount. The people, the wildlife, the food, the colors, the surfing, and the sights are all things I will never forget. I am delighted I got to experience the truly tropical life and see the sights from my own eyes. I would like to revisit the unforgettable island someday to find comfort in the tropical climate.

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