Trailer for my book Resilience!


Here is the trailer for Resilience Stories and Lessons From An Ardent Photographer (put sound on.) Pre-order soon on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats, Audible coming soon. Official launch date is next week on 2/11/21! Thank you everyone for your support! CLICK HERE TO ORDER RESILIENCE

Ron B. Wilson’s impressive 30-year career as a professional traveling photographer has taken him all across the United States and the world, from Cuba and India to South Africa and Morocco. Always with his camera in hand, Ron has captured moments of unforgettable history, including the tragedy of 9/11 and the fallout of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The common theme that binds all these stories together has been undefeatable resilience. Ron’s journey will inspire readers to live, learn and better understand the everyday struggles of communities across our vast planet. Photographers eager to learn more about their craft will find practical lessons accompanying every story, and non-photographers can appreciate the life lessons that come from the art of capturing the human condition. For lovers of travel, photography, art or humanitarianism, this book is a must-read.