Life in Southern India; Build a school and inspire a community.

A few years ago I started an adventure which took me throughout the entire country of India. The most important part was the main reason for my trip; to help my friend Tamara Montana document the building of a school she was in charge of.

The people in this small community of Haliyal, which is a Panchayat town in Uttara Kannada in the Indian state of Karnataka were so amazing and inspiring to me. The school was being built to support the local villagers who otherwise would not have a place to learn and study. At the time I was there they were just starting the foundation, so I am anxious to return someday soon to see it completed, and to experience the facility in full action!

In this post are some of my favorite photos of all time, and I continue to enjoy sharing them.

I will write more here about one of the best trips of my life, soon.